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Sgian Dubh

All our sgian dubh have stainless steel blades and are supplied with leather sheaths made from bullhide with an embossed celtic design. They are boxed and carry a hand written, descriptive label.

The sgian dubh is the traditional Highland Dirk worn with the tartan kilt as part of the Scottish Highland Dress. Every sgian dubh made by Comrie crafts is unique in appearance, upholding the tradition of individuality. The Staghorn we use is gathered during May when the stags naturally shed their antlers. It is collected locally, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Sgian Dubh means "black knife" in the Scottish Gaelic language. This did not refer to the colour of the knife, but to the fact that when the government of the day banned the Highlander from carrying weapons, he would hide the knife in his oxter (armpit). Therefore the word "black" probably means hidden as in "black market".

S/D13 Arctic Thistle

Arctic Birch with bull horn cap, ebony trim and recessed thistle
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S/D12 Beech

Spalted Beech with bullhorn cap and ebony trim
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